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Welcome to Freedom Martial Arts & Tae Kwon Do Karate Academy of Ludington, Manistee and Scottville, Michigan

Welcome to Freedom Martial Arts Tae Kwon Do Karate Academy in Ludington, Michigan. We can teach you exciting and powerful techniques for self-defense in a fast paced and professional setting. Our facility has all the tools you need to get into shape, and our experienced instructors will lead you in engaging and rigorous classes. These life changing classes will let teach you a whole new way to live and feel great about yourself!

Freedom Martial Arts and Karate Academy offers FUNTASTIC programs for all ages. You may benefit if you fall into any of these categories: A man or women, aged four through one hundred, and an individual wanting to pick up a useful new skill. We embrace people who have previous martial arts experience and newcomers stepping into a dojo for the first time. Our classes are tailored to wring out sweat, and our instructors will assess your current skills and craft your technique until you become a master!

We have an intense, fast paced curriculum, and we vary our classes to get your adrenaline pounding. The body adapts to exercises, and if the same drills are done too often the muscles won't burn calories, so every class at Freedom Martial Arts & Academy is a new, astonishing lesson. Each class has a balance of gratifying stretching, calorie burning aerobic and anaerobic exercises, and thrilling self-defense drills. We won't let you slack, and your body will feel better than ever after our classes. The only constant in our class is the guarantee that it will be FUN-FILLED and CHALLENGING.

Become a Black Belt both Mentally and Physically

Our classes will transform your whole view on life by changing you into a black belt. You will feel your strength and fitness explode, as you achieve a mental toughness to pull through any situation. We offer inspiring programs that motivate you to achieve ANY goal. Here are our classes:

  • Karate - Learn this fascinating, ancient martial art! These classes specializes in vicious strikes with the feet and hands.

  • MMA - Jiu Jitsu - This is the total war of fighting. It blends powerful strikes with suffocating ground techniques and stout wrestling moves. If you are a UFC or Pride fan, you will love this!

  • Krav Maga - This is the same streeting fighting technique used by the Israeli Elite Forces - You will learn real world street fighting self-defense techniques.

  • Combat FITNESS - Do you want to feel your heart beating and sweat dripping? Then join this adrenaline rushing, heart pounding fitness program and watch the calories drop and your muscles take shape.

  • Self-Defense Workshops - Ever feel defenseless? Learn the art of protecting yourself! You turn yourself into a fighting machine. You learn the intuition and reflexes to defend yourself.

  • Bully Proof Seminars - Do you remember the horrors of bullies in high school? Well, don't let your kids go through the same thing. This seminar empowers your children with the tools and tips to diffuse any school problems.

Meet our Talented and Friendly Staff

Freedom Martial Arts Tae Kwon Do Karate Academy instructors are super talented and highly experienced. Their experience is yours to gain! They instill discipline, self-control, integrity, and courtesy into their students.

After a few weeks of training, karate students have giant boosts in self-discipline, self-confidence, and overall health. They are proud of their hard earned skills, since they cultivated their abilities. As students get better, a sense of accomplishment washes over them and changes their lives for the best! They are driven and dedicated, not only in the martial arts, but their lives in general. It is rewarding! The inner peace and confidence gained at the karate studio transfer to school work, careers, and social life. Make the right decision and JOIN TODAY!

Training at Martial Arts Tae Kwon Do Karate Academy will be one of the most rewarding decisions you'll ever make. No matter whether your goal is achieving a black belt, unlocking your body's physical potential, gaining useful self-defense, or endowing your children with important life skills. We are the school for you!

Become one of our countless success stories and join a community of martial artists. Give us a call at 231-845-6900 and talk to one of our courteous team members. Take advantage of the Free Trial Program. Give yourself the chance to see that we are the right school. You have nothing to lose. It's free! There is a lifetime of good habits to gain!